Monday, March 20, 2017

Status Report

Dear Everyone,

I've been transferred out of Planeta Rica. I was pretty sad to go. I'm definitely going to miss the coast, hot as it may be. I'm writing you from Medellin, where I will most likely be until I see you all again. As always, the long bus rides are very tiresome. At least this time it was a little more interesting around 4 in the morning. Some delinquents threw rocks at the bus in an attempted robery and broke a hole in the front window. Talk about a jump scare! As usual, I didn't get much sleep, so I'm running on empty. 

First a bit about this last week. It was almost literally one big headache. We did exchanges on Wednesday, then I went to Montelibano to do some baptismal interviews. It is a family of five, so I had to do five interviews from 7-10 PM. I got a migraine from the stress of it all, and since we slept in the house in Montelibano, I didn't have any meds to relieve my pain. So I guess I had two sleepless nights this week. Saturday we had to go back to Montelibano to be witnesses for the baptism, and they gpt baptized in a river, so it was a cool experience, although a somewhat long drive there as well. So I think I've clocked in about 20 hours of travel time. I will sleep well tonight.

My new companion is Elder Steadman. He is from Clinton, Utah and just finished his training. I am in the Medellin Zone and my area is called Prado 2.  It's essentially a mountain side, so I expect to lose even more weight here. Here's to the hope that prayers will strengthen the feeble knees I'll have afterwards. It's a ward and the work seems to be thriving here. I'm sure it will only get better from here on out. I'm super excited to be working with someone else from the US.

I'm starting to get pumped for conference, even though it is a bit away still. Start preparing your minds and your hearts to accept the wonderful messages we will be hearing come April!

So, my camera isn't functioning correctly at the current time, so pictures will have to wait. I'll get what I can from my companion.

Love you all,

√Člder King

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