Monday, March 13, 2017

Like Earth Right After Rain

Me, President Alonso Guzman, Maria Jose, and My companion Elder Mischa.

Dear everyone,

We had a baptism this week. Maria José got baptized yesterday morning at 7:30 AM. We spent most of our time this week scrambling to make it happen. Guess we need to plan better haha. Since we don't have a font we performed the baptism in a pool. It was pretty easy since the pool was really deep, so the water went up to her neck. I had to fix up the baptismal clothes with safety pins because it was way to big. I felt like a pretty prepared scout. Aside from that big news, not much else happened this week. Next week are transfers, we'll see what the Lord has in mind for the next couple months.

Oh, so I talked with the mission executive secretary about my release date. Looks like I'll be flying home on August 28th with another missionary from my group. We're looking at a bit over five months left that you get to enjoy my absence haha. Don't enjoy it too much...

Love you all,
Elder King

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