Monday, July 11, 2016

The Bright Side

Dear Everyone,

No transfers for me. Six more weeks of Cereté!

Seeing as it rained this last Sunday, few people came to church. A shame really as I gave a great talk about true conversion. Leaning over for 15 minutes can be tiring. We met some interesting new less active members, namely Martha, one of the very first members in Cereté. Her husband is not a member, so we will see if we can do what no other missionary has been able to do. Julia as well, very interesting case. She has been less active for 15 years or so but she is very excited to get talking to the missionaries. Apparently nobody has done much work to rescue her. 

As for our investigaters, Edison still hasn't come to church, neither has Leidy. Alejandra is moving slow because she is unnecessarily embarrassed to talk to us. Marjudis, John's girlfriend, has been coming to church and is progressing quite nicely. They both have a lot of faith and are willing to make sacrifices to come to church, something I haven't seen yet in Colombia. It is strange to think that I am working with two separate couples that are all my age to get them to be married. People living together just seem like they should be older than me.

We had a zone activity to say goodbye to the missionaries that are leaving, so we wasted some time this morning. For Cereté, only Elder V is leaving, and it's about time. He has gotten kind of lazy and disrespectful since he learned to speak English.


Élder King

PS:  Thanks Guy and Sandra for the conference package!

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