Monday, July 4, 2016

Dear everyone,

Alejandra is back, and vacations are over, bringing good news and bad news. Most likely, people will be easier to find. But the school across the street will start it's daily ritual of making lots of noise at six and during study time.

Daniel seems to be avoiding us, seeing as we stopped by his house every day this week, and he wasn't there. Or the one time he was, the power went out and he was working in the store his family runs on their porch. Jacob and Leidy are working on a marriage date and I hope that this time they are finally sincere. Neris has all the lessons now, meaning the only obstacle is Rafael, who for whatever reason really doesn't want to get married, despite living together for five years now. Sherys and Edison couldn't visit with us this week. John Dairon and Marjudis, his girlfriend, were able to make it to church this week. Alejandra surprised us by coming with her younger sister. But those are nice surprises.

Next week we have transfers, and I'm also speaking in church. Both always fun experiences. We saw someone get robbed right in front of us yesterday, kind of freaky. But don't worry, the only kind of robbery people do here is kind of hit and run style, nobody has weapons. Two men don't have anything to worry about, except maybe each other.

Anyway, Love you all, probably forgot something, but yeah

√Člder King

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