Monday, June 6, 2016

Patience and Work

Dear everybody,

With a new companion comes lots of new experiences, good, bad, and ugly. It also gives you a chance to reexamine yourself, because as your companion learns about you, you learn about yourself.

Elder Fernandez arrived in the morning and my excursion with the zone leader Elder Centeno ends. We went and visited, but I don't remember who...

We visited Carmen Causil. She doesn't seem to like my new companion too much. She hasn't been to church in a bit more than a month now, and she says that things just come up on Sunday. We stopped by the Toro family's place and got to know them a bit. Then we had a nice long walk to Nelson's house. He was home alone and we were looking to see Duvan and his mom, so we got directions to the Grandma's house. I saw a few repeats of Dora the Explorer as he drew a map for us. It started raining super hard as we walked even farther to this new house, so we waited under a tree for about twenty minutes then went on our merry way. We got a few new people to teach and finally found the famed grandma's house. We got rained on a bit more and found our way home eventually.

We went looking for the house where Nelson's Uncle (who we met Wednesday) and successfully found it, but he was not there. So, we went to see the Acosta family to see how leydi was doing. Turns out Jacob is going to join the national gaurd in Bogota, so once again he is leaving his pregnant girlfriend to fend for herself. We plan on working with her again in hopes that she will get baptized, since she feels she has recieved her answer and that the church is true. We found two new less active families to work with, Jesus Daniel Calao and his nieces as well as the Durango family. Daniel is 18 and has gone a year or two without going to church since his parents divorced. He is pretty excited to get back into the church and even took his niece Alejandra to the Face to Face with Elder Rasband

Zone meeting in the morning. We dropped by Draisy's house. She still can't walk very well, and she's getting pretty big, being pregnant and all. We visited Nelson and read a chapter of the book of mormon with him. Then we stopped by and taught Daniel and his niece about the restoration. We are in dire need of copies of the book of mormon. We ran out about a month ago and now we can't do a whole lot with new investigators. Colombia played against the US in the Copa America, so I tried to get inside before everyone got drunk. We lost apparently.

We went looking for more less actives and found a lot of people that Don't want to come back to church, for one excuse or another thousand or so. We went and made some cookies for a little gathering of old ladies and watched the restoration. So, finding ingredients like shortening and chocolate chips is just about impossible here, learned that the hard way.

We had a great day at church. Daniel and his two nieces came to church and stayed the whole time. Hermana Ivon Toro as well. Nelson and Duvan both got the priesthood. After church we had ward council. Then we visited the Durango family and heard their story. They have been members for a long time, but I think somebody offended them somehow, I'm not really sure. The sister was just kind of rambling about events that happened over the course of twelve years or so. We met Daniel's Mom, who is also less active. She doesn't have as much time as daniel, so we will see how this works out. We stopped by the Toro family and met a friend of theirs, Darwin, who seems receptive as well.

So, we are working a lot harder here in Cereté, now that Élder Hurtado has flown the coop. My new companion Elder Fernandez is a bit of a workaholic, which is great in comparison to last transfer. I'm learning to deal with the quirks that come with new companions and that is taking some patience on my part. But overall, things are going great! The work is going forward, and little miracles happen every day. It's really kind of crazy.

Anyway, I love you all,

Élder King

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