Monday, June 13, 2016

Pioneer Children

(this looks like home to his mom)

Missionary Life

Dear everybody,

We didn't sing, but we sure walked and walked and walked. Aaaand Waaaaaalked.

We went out and talked to Duvan because nobody else was home. Afterwards we visited the Espitia family and listened to the Hermana talk for an hour about how she can't walk. We dropped by Leidy's and chatted for a bit, she still hasn't found her Book of Mormon. Then we went to Daniel's house and finished up the message of the restoration. Then we dropped by the Toro family and chatted with them for a bit. We are not sure if Hermano Toro is going to progress because he doesn't really want to.

We went to visit Carmen Causil, who lives on the other side of the Bugre river. Then we went looking for the Chuchurubi plaza. Turns out plaza in little neighborhoods like this means soccer field. So, Chuchurubi isn't even on the map of our area and it's about an hour and twenty minutes out, walking that is. So we had ourselves a nice little adventure trying to find John Dairon and his significant other. Good news is we found them! We got to know them a bit. John is less active and his girlfriend is going to be an investigator. Then we had a lesson with Edison, teaching him for the second time about the restoration. Afterwards, we had a visit with the Renal family and worked to get references from them.

We finally had a lesson with Nelson's Stepfather. He seems open to listening to us, but not to making any commitments. Which kind of makes listening to us kind of useless, but oh well. Then a bunch of people avoided us, which is frustrating. Much later, we visited Daniel and his niece with Hermana Erika and got permission from Daniel's aunt to teach and eventually baptize her daughter.

We taught Draisy a quick lesson about scriptures, congratulated her about her birthday and made small talk. Her older sister didn't have any plans to turn off her soap opera just so we could feel the spirit, so that made teaching a full length lesson next to impossible. Then we dropped a book off for Nelson to read. We visited Eogenio and found a new investigator, Carlos at their house. I wish these people lived closer though... Carlos lives farther north than any other person we have visited so far, which makes things a bit more difficult.

We weren't able to do a whole lot during the day, but night comes and we go back to teach Edison the plan of Salvation. He still can't read but at least he can leave his house now. He had an operation for cateracts a while back and as such he can't put a whole lot of stress on his eyes.

Only Alejandra, Daniel's Niece was able to come to church for our investigators. Carmen and Eogenio's wife, Radeth came which made me happy. Elder Peterson and I taught an impromptu lesson to the youth about counsels and the priesthood. Weird topic in and of itself, even weirder when you didn't plan to teach it. Fun fun fun, as I like to say. Then after church we had correlation and Ward Counsel. We visited Rosa and Nober Durango, figured out their needs and we are ready to go and teach them what they need to hear this week.

I'm still getting used to Elder Fernandez, but we are getting better at teaching together. We should have interviews with President the week after this one.

I'm beginning to forget English, which is good and bad. The food is still bad, but I'm pretty good about eating it all now. I think I have to turn off my brain, because they bring the food and then it's just gone and I'm stuffed. It's still hot and I think we have hit rainy season. It rained about four nights this week, and every time it rains for a sustained period of time, the electricity goes out, which is lame when you depend on a fan to be able to sleep. It makes for some fun midnight excursions to get water though!

So, that's the news from Cereté! Love you all,

√Člder King

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