Monday, August 14, 2017


Dear everyone,

Doors have always been figurative opportunities. For missionaries, they present the opportunity to teach the Gospel to a new family. They also offer much unscertainty, as opportunities often do. After spending a lot of time contacting this week, I can tell you that sometimes, doors can be downright frightening, and the people inside moreso. But if we don't look for opportunities actively, we often miss out. That is one of the great fears of a missionary. Not finding the ones who are ready. Unfortunately, we didn't find anybody that was ready this week.

Not much to report this time around. Felipe is still doing well, he is reading a lot. He didn't wake up to come to church which made us a bit sad, but he does live about an hour away. Ediverto turned forty and went on vacation, so he didn't come either. We didn't find many new people that were interested and the ones we found last week didn't seem to find time for our message.

Despite descouragement, I have learned that faith is the key to moving forward. Faith and hope I guess. On top of that, I have been studying charity lately. Many of the talks this week were also on charity. Charity, I have learned, is important because it is the qualifying characteristic of God and His Son. We can't hope to live in their presence unless we have done our best efforts to develop said attribute. It won't work. That is why without Charity we are nothing. Because our whole purpose here is to become like him, and charity is the way we show that we have put forward that effort.

Keep on loving,

Élder King

ps I wrote late today because we went on an excursion to see/climb a big rock. 

La Piedra del Peñol
me on top of said rock (lots of stairs)

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