Monday, July 31, 2017

Work as Usual

Dear Everyone,

Another week has gone and not a whole lot of news. But the news that I have is all good news. We were talking with Ediverto and my companion asked him how old he was. He said,"I'm 39, but I'm going to be 40 soon" 
"When's your birthday?" 
"The 12th of August" 
"That's a Saturday right?" 
"Would you like to get baptized for your birthday?"
"sounds good, I want to be ready though"
"Don't worry, we'll worry about that"
We're going to work really hard with him to make sure he makes it. We found and taught a lot of new pèople this week, hopefully they keep wanting to listen. Chatted for an hour with a Jehovah's Witness that. Made me sad how closed-off people can be. But we found various families and couples that are already married and just need to learn and accept the restored gospel. I'm excited to continue working this week.

We did the first layer of paint on the old house and will probably be finishing it up this week. José blessed the sacrament again this week. Angela and her daughter are doing great, already working on personal progress and family history. My companion and I are doing fine, he's a funny little guy. We went and played soccer today and I'm kind of beat.

July is over. I'm glad for those of you who are enjoying your summer. I'll see you soon enough. The church is more than true, it is divinely directed and sustained. Us missionaries are protected by the prayers of each of you. I thank you so much for everything you have done for me. We have a bright future if we just hang in there and do our best. Keep moving forward. The speed of your progress depends on the will of the Lord and the amount of effort you put in. Remember Repentance. It is my firm testimony that sacrificing bad habits and routines brings blessings.

I love you all,

Élder King
Elder Herrera

Nate saw Deseret on the label

Treats compliments of Dad-for working hard!

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