Monday, June 5, 2017

Diligence and Hope

Dear Everyone,

This week we were blessed with many opportunities to find new investigaters, something we need a lot. As of yet, there aren't any that are progressing, but our recent converts are still going strong.

We have been doing a zone contacting effort recently. We go to each area and just contact a ton of people for two hours. We did it in our area this last thursday. My companion with another missionary found an old investigater that basically said he wants to be baptized. We went back and talked to him yesterday. Him and his girlfriend both received us very cordially and asked us how many times in a week they could visit with us. We responded, "why, as many as you like!" So we will be meeting with them this next tuesday, friday, and sunday most likely. They still have their pamphlets and Book of Mormon from when they were listening to the missionaries before. I guess one of the missionaries just decided he didn´t like them and stopped coming. Kind of sad, but great that we fouind them again.

So we are going to be working hard this week and keeping our hopes high. One thing that is sometimes difficult to remember is that unless we are giving our full effort, it´s not enough. That's where diligence comes into play. Diligence is the attribute that makes us qualified for divine grace in our everyday actions. It can be difficult but it will definitely be worth it. Sometimes the burden doesn't feel so light as promised, but compared to the burden that we justly should have, I would gladly take the yoke of Christ.

Love you all,

√Člder King

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