Monday, April 3, 2017

Last the Best of All

Dear Everyone,

How great it's been to listen to the words of our leaders this last week! I found it to be one of the most fruitful conferences of my life. It also happens to be the last conference of my mission. We got to watch most of it in English, but I stayed in the spanish session Sunday morning to be with our investigaters. At least I thought is was going to be in spanish, but someone accidentally changed it to french in the middle of Elder Clayton's talk. It was kind of funny. I found a lot of the messages spoke deeply to me and have given me extra strength to be able to keep moving forward. I've been in a bit of a slump lately. I don't know why, but things just seem more complicated here. 

Either way, our family is still going strong, we're just trying to figure out money and papers and legal stuff. The rest of our investigaters are here or there, the ward is improving on helping us do our work and retention goals are reasonable. I really hope I get to work in this area until the end of my mission.

I guess a lot of you have heard about the flooding in Mocoa and other parts of Colombia. We have been getting a lot of rain recently, but no flooding. We actually didn't have water yesterday... but that was just some pipeline construction. Slightly ironic. We are praying for the tragedies that occurred there and in Peru as well. Also one of the missionaries in my district is having some family crisis going on as well. His dad is going to have a risky surgery this wednesday, so be sure to pray for his family as well. Elder Meza is his name. We went on exchanges this last friday and got super lost. 

The approximate altitude difference between the east and west sides of my area is about 500 feet, and that is in the distance of about ten or so streets. Approximated population is around 300,000 people or more. But the limits may be changed this next week, but we still don't know much about that. My companion and I are enjoying the work a lot. It's been a long time since I worked so well with a companion and we get along great.

Love you all

Elder King

p.s. we had two meals without rice this week! new record! Also a sister gave us some Jif Peanut butter and I almost gave her a hug. I have some, but just knowing that there are people here that understand is wonderful

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